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Blue Lotus Productions Ltd. is a film production company whose sole purpose is to create entertainment that inspires.

Multi Capability

Blue Lotus Productions Ltd is a creative multi-faceted media company producing feature length fiction films, documentaries, commercials, trailers, videos, short films, and other special venue projects for clients.

With a desire to create content that entertains and enlightens, Blue Lotus Productions has reached beyond its humble beginnings to become a full featured studio capable of handling projects of all sizes. Our Staff is made up of creative individuals who are interested and passionate about making a difference through the art of motion picture. With a healthy track record in viral campaigns, short films, and feature length documentaries, Blue Lotus Productions is a brand that continues to push the limits of what an independent film company can do. Our services include:

  • Film Production
  • Production Services
  • Video Production
  • Cinema Workshops

Film Production

Blue Lotus Productions Ltd. is focused on continuing the production of different types of films, and is open to collaboration with other filmmakers. What makes us different is our desire to create films that entertain, and inspire. We are also exploring the possibilities of collaborating with other companies and film makers from all over the globe. We find that through these positive relationships we are able to build a trusted community of film makers interested in making a difference.

Feature Films

We’re here to challenge the way people see things: no matter how big or small, our passion is inspiring audiences to look at the world differently.

Short Films

We work tirelessly with a carefully selected team of people to tell the best possible version of the story in the form of a beautifully-crafted film.

Animation Films

Our talented team collaborates with film-makers to create animated films with the highest production values.

Documentary Films

We believe the most powerful stories are not about what people do, but about why they do it. This runs through all of our work

Cinema Workshops

We organising a series of seminars, masterclasses, and workshops oriented to professionals, filmmakers and cinema students from Egypt and the Arab world.


You want your project seen, so do we
We search for the heart of the story and work tirelessly until it’s told.

Our Services

Our experience, at your service.
If you need to make a film or video, you’ve come to the right place.

Full Production

We offer a full End to End production service for our clients. We will meet with you and listen to you requirements offer ideas and suggestions and identify which services you require and put a package of services together for your project. We will then manage your production from start to completion for you.


This is one of the most important stages of the production process. Here we will work in collaboration with you to determine the content, style, look and feel of your film. With this consultancy service we will identify what your aims are, who your target audience is and propose a selection of ideas for your film.

Pre production

In this stage we will prepare all of the elements required for your production such as crew, technical equipment, and the schedule for filming. We can also help to source locations, arrange castings, and advise on aspects such as permissions and release matters relating to your Production.


We provide crew for every aspect of production. We work with camera operators, sound recordists, directors, producers, lighting specialists and runners. All of our staff are highly qualified, knowledgeable and friendly. Once production is completed, we can move on to Post-Production.

Post production

We will back up your footage on our secure archive and schedule your film for editing work following filming. Our highly skilled audio and visual technicians ensure you will never need to work with another post-production company when preparing your projects.

Production equipment

We are the go-to destination for creatives looking to source production equipment such as: camera support, lighting, studio carts, grip, electrical, recordable media, hard drive and memory card storage, audio equipment, and on-set expendables.

Video Production

Blue Lotus Productions is a full service Film & video production company. We work with all budgets and with all industries to bring your brand’s message to life. Whether you are a start up, fortune 500 company, or non profit consider us your premiere video marketing partner.
A budget that fits at your pace.

Corporate Video

Internal and External Corporate Comms, Case Studies and Company Profiles.

Event Videos

Launch Parties, Awards Shows, Conferences & Events, Fashion Shows.

Case Study Videos

Share your customer stories and let them explain your products' benefits.

Fashion Videos

Videos Fashion Labels, Products and Designers.

Arts Videos

Creating thoughtful films with artists, agent and galleries.

Explainer Videos

Simple but effective combinations of graphics, grabs and voiceover.

Public Sector Videos

We produce videos for the government and public sector.

Motion Graphics & Animation

2D & 3D Animation, CGI, Post-production and Motion Graphics.

Charity Videos

We make videos for charities and non-profit organisations.

Retail Video

Product Videos and website Explainer Videos.

Publishing Videos

Book Trailers, Author Profiles & Interviews, E-book Content.

Property Videos

Videos for Property Developers & Owners, Lettings, Hotels and Holiday Companies.

Our Process

With a passion for all things moving, we love to produce an extremely wide range of content for our happy clients.
We have a vested interested in your success because when you’re successful, so are we.













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